Smart Ring

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Product Features:

- Amorphous Aluminum Alloy Titanium
- Rose gold 18K
- Epoxy ceramics with rhinestones
- High-speed dual-core NFC chip
1. In the area of the letters "I", "II" a new high-speed Smart NFC dual-core chip is used.
2. It has 106 KB / s of data transmission, and 100,000 durability recording cycles, can store data for 10 years, and effectively guarantees the security and stability of data.
3. In addition, it provides high-speed performance to the following NFC mobile functions.
Note: the position with the chipset “I” is the chipset A, the position with the chipset “II” is the chipset B, each chipset can record in various functions (in use, please make sure that “I” or “II” is in the center of the finger,
Only proper wearing, a chip in each area can give a better idea of reading and writing.
- Multifunctional application (Note: Support only for NFC-enabled phones and Android or Windows phone systems)
1. Personal Note:
2. phone lock:
3. whisper
4. magic business card
3. Quickstart:
4. Exchange of information:
5. Etc.
- Automated door key
The user can set the smart ring as the key to the door in accordance with the appropriate process Intelligent Door Lock. This is after-
Ports all NFC door locks, for example, the Samsung series.
-Other Features
Waterproof, dustproof and drop proof
The real size of the jewelry level
Product Features:
Function 1: accessories, jewelry, rings for couples.
Function 2: Android or WINDOWS has an NFC mobile phone that can be used (phone unlocking, information sharing, cardsharing, etc.) NFC chip built into the ring.